Minneapolis based artist Rachel Palmer has been producing music from sub-genres of techno to classical and soundtrack pieces since the late 90's. Although Palmer's musical background is what she is most recognized for, having released a one-off collaboration with Dustin Zahn on the prominent record label Drumcode, Palmer also writes audiovisual compositions and debuted her live performance at Minneapolis legendary club 1st Avenue in early 2014.


    2014.11.08 - Mike Gervais @ First Avenue Record Room, Minneapolis, MN
    2014.10.11 - DVS1 @ Future Classic, Minneapolis, MN
    2014.08.16 - DVS1 @ Future Classic, Minneapolis, MN
    2014.08.09 - Drumcell @ The Loft, Minneapolis, MN
    2014.08.02 - Truncate @ First Avenue, Minneapolis, MN

    2014.07.04 - SYSTEM Live Stream, Minneapolis, MN